Scuf Controller For the PlayStation 4 Coming Soon

Scuf Gaming is one of the most popular brand in the gaming world. They design and make controllers for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. We saw Scuf Gaming releasing a controller for the new Xbox One called the Scuf One a few months ago however we never saw a Scuf controller for the PlayStation 4.. until now.

A few hours ago, Scuf Gaming uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel revealing the new Scuf controller for the PlayStation 4. The controller will be called the “Scuf 4PS” and it looks amazing. The controller is very different from your average PlayStation 4 controller and you can customize it yourself.

Scuf 4ps

The controller is like a barbie doll for guys because it can be customized in several different ways so that you can make it just the way you want. It comes with analogues which you can choose to be concave or domed. Scuf Gaming has added a disc to the controller which sticks to the D-Pad. The disc can be very helpful as sometimes the D-Pad can be very hard to use and it can also harm your thumb after long gaming sessions but if you prefer playing with the D-Pad instead of the Disc then you can simply remove the disc as it is fully removable. Scuf gaming has  also added Pro Grip Handles to the back of the controllers which give you a better grip on the controller and the controller also has the main feature of a Scuf controller which it is known for, the Paddles. Basically, the paddles are like two buttons on the back of the controller which can be very very useful for players who like to play first person shooters.

The Scuf 4PS comes it many different colors and designs and you can visit Scuf’s official website to choose the components that you want on your controllers and make it exactly the way you want it. The Scuf 4PS will come out next month in June.

Abdullah Raza


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