SCUM crosses 700,000 copies sold in one week, on track to becoming Devolver’s highest selling game

Online Survival game SCUM has sold 700,000 copies on Steam Early Access in its first week.

Developed by Gamepires with help from Serious Sam creators Croteam, SCUM is proving to be a huge success for indie publisher Devolver Digital.

We previously reported that the game had sold over 250,000 units in its first 24 hours, the latest figure is mighty impressive for a new game. It looks like SCUM is here to stay.

According to SteamSpy, which has been mostly accurate about the games’ sale numbers if you compare it to the official, the game is already in the top 5 highest selling games by Devolver Digital. If it keeps up the current pace, it’ll cross Hotline Miami in a couple of months.

Development on the game is in full swing with new patches being released every other day with help from player feedback. After playing the game for a few days and looking at all the player feedback, the game is what the Steam Early Access program is all about.

For those unaware, SCUM is described as a Prison Riot Survival Experience with 64 players on each server, as each player attempts to get off an Island they’re all trapped on. The game has so many little things players have to take of that it gets really hectic sometimes but its mostly fun. Earlier today I was reading a guide on the best places and when to poop, something I never thought I would do.

The game is expected to get a full release sometime next year and is currently available in Early Access for $20.

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