SCUM’s latest update allows you to adjust your character’s penis length

Devolver Digital’s Prison Riot Simulator SCUM just got a brand new update recently that added the ability to customize your character’s penis.

SCUM’s Wild Hunter update was released earlier today and it added a ton of new content into the game themed around “primal survival”. Players can now get their hands on Bow and Arrows, craft some primal equipment, play music using the new musical instruments you can play in game and much more. However the most interesting part of the update is the new penis customization.

The Wild Hunter update added a nude body to the character customizer which now has a penis slider. Here’s the developer notes on that:

One of the core features that we added to the Wild Hunter is the fully nude body in character customization. Also, we added a slider for your phallus. The default size is 4 inches and you can increase its to maximum 8 or decrease it to the lowest at 1 inch. As with everything in SCUM, this attribute is connected so if you add points into length it will reduce available attribute points and if you reduce the size you will gain more attribute points to be used elsewhere.

Don’t worry though as you won’t be forced to see virtual penises (peni?) if you don’t want to as there’s an option to toggle their visibility through a “concealed mode” setting. Also if you’re an avid supporter of the game and have the SCUM supporter pack, you’ll get two whole inches for free! What a deal!

Also, we respect people who do not want to have such a visual experience thats why we also have a concealed mode. Owners of the SCUM Supporter Pack start with an extra 2 inches.

I just wanna know if you can use it as a melee weapon, its a survival game after all.

SCUM is available now on PC via Steam’s Early Access Program.

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