Sea of Thieves Guide: How To Capture Snake, Pig And Chicken

Sea of Thieves offers an open world that is full of dangerous creatures. From Sharks, Snakes to the menacing Kraken, there is a lot to avoid in the ever evolving world of Sea of Thieves.

Snakes are one of the more annoying creatures that you can encounter during your journey and they can also attack the player. It is possible to capture them though and there is also the option to charm them with music.

How To Capture Snakes In Sea of Thieves

If you are playing Sea of Thieves the it is important to pay attention to the quests given by the Merchants. It is possible to get cages from the Merchant that can be used to capture Snakes later in the game. This is unlocked through a Level 15 Merchant Quest. To capture a snake, you will need to find the Snake Basket in the game.

How To Capture Chickens In Sea of Thieves

Similar to the Snakes, Chicken can also be captured by getting the Chicken Coop from a Merchant. There are a variety of different Chickens available to capture in Sea of Thieves including white feathered chickens, red speckled chickens, black plumed chickens, and golden chickens.

How To Capture Pigs In Sea of Thieves

Pigs can also be aggressive although they are not dangerous in nature compared to the Snakes. They can be captured by getting a Pig Crate from a Merchant.

Seat of Thieves is available now for the PC and Xbox One. It was developed by Rare and published by Microsoft.

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