Sea of Thieves Guide: How To Find Treasure And Earn Gold

In the Sea of Thieves, gold plays the role of money. Gold will help you buy different accessories that will assist you throughout the game.

The main way to earn gold is by simply undertaking voyages.  The voyage is presented to you by any of the three groups when you start the game at one of the areas on the map. The three groups are the Merchant Alliance, the Order of Souls, and the Gold Hoarders. The Gold Hoarders, as the name itself suggests, reward you with more gold upon the completion of the voyage. The Gold Hoarder group have a signature purple tent as their location and even though they are all dispersed randomly on the map, the purple tent can always lead you to them. Once found, you can view the Gold Hoarder’s voyages and select up to three voyages at a time.

How To Undertake Voyages To Find Treasure And Earn Gold

You should keep in mind that with the Gold Hoarder voyages, you will always be hunting treasure chests once you have started the voyage. Once you have started a voyage, you will  receive maps or clues leading to the location of the treasure. Some voyages are straightforward and provide a treasure map, while others provide a list of clues.

Use your map or clues and utilize the Map Table available on your ship to plan your journey. You can find the exact location of the treasures by making use of the clues provided. However always be aware and keep your eyes open because attacking ships can take away all your treasures if they attack you successfully leaving you behind with nothing.

You cannot open the treasure chests by yourself and so will need to take them back to the Gold Hoarders in their tents. You can cash in all your treasure chests to earn yourself a good amount of gold as well as elevate your standing in the group. This will help you get more challenging and rewarding voyages from the Gold Hoarders.