Sea of Thieves Guide: How To Locate And Fight Kraken

Kraken is one of the many challenges and creatures you will face in The Sea of Thieves. However, Kraken is not your ordinary problem. It is possibly the toughest of all the creatures in Sea of Thieves. Its unpredictability of appearance and huge tentacles make it a menace to handle. There is no way of finding Kraken yourself. It can appear very randomly out of nowhere and there is no exact or multiple spots on the map, or which might indicate Kraken’s presence.

How To Locate And Fight Kraken In Sea of Thieves

One must always be ready and expect a Kraken attack anytime and anywhere. However what has been observed is that the probability of you encountering a Kraken rises significantly when you are in deep waters. For instance, you have a greater chance of encountering a Kraken when say you are sailing in the middle of a deep ocean, than if you are sailing say near the shore or simply in shallow waters. It is logical to think that a huge beast like Kraken would be laying deep in the ocean waters than remain above and visible to all. You cannot really hunt Kraken, actually it is going to hunt you.

Even though you cannot trace Kraken’s appearance or whereabouts, you can certainly fight it using the right tactics. Canons are your foremost weapon in fighting Kraken. As soon as the Kraken appears, you should point all your canons at his tentacles and start firing so to repel him as soon as possible. The Kraken is going to lay out its tentacles on your ship which will mean that your ship will sustain alot of damage. To make the Kraken retreat as soon as possible, firstly fire the canons with a good aim and secondly make your crew attack the tentacles, especially the head of the tentacles, with any weapon you may find.

Surely, with the passage of time and play, more strategies and ideas will be revealed regarding the Kraken. As for now, you can play Sea of Thieves on the Xbox One or PC through Windows 10.