Sea of Thieves March 6th Update Patch Notes For PC And Xbox One

Sea of Thieves is getting a new update on March 6th. Here are the patch notes for this brand new update.

Sea of Thieves March 6th update was confirmed by the developers in an official behind the scenes video. It is set to drop today for Windows 10 for PC and Xbox One.

The patch notes for Sea of Thieves March 6th update were summarized by the game’s subreddit. They are not the full patch notes so please wait a little while until the full details are revealed once the new update is out.

Sea of Thieves March 6th Update Patch Notes For PC And Xbox One

  • Sword tweaked—now a delay after missing with an attack.
  • Sword block bug fixed—you should no longer occasional get hit by sword attacks when blocking.
  • New mercenary voyage coming—centered around the flying the Reaper’s Mark.
  • Mercenary ship cosmetics—being removed from Duke on March 6th.
  • Mercenary player cosmetics—purchasable with gold for everyone in the update beyond March 6th.
  • Pioneers program—becoming opt in sometime after March 6th. NDA will be full effect for all pioneers!
  • Revealing future content for SoT on March 20th.
  • Pirate Legend Rewards—exclusive reward for those who hit Pirate Legend before March 20th.

Sea of Thieves is available now for the PC and Xbox One.

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