Sea Of Thieves multiplayer encounters ‘More Impactful’ than Destiny’s

During Microsoft’s press conference at E3, Rare unveiled their multiplayer pirate game, Sea of Thieves. The title looked ridiculously fun, with players sailing ships, shooting cannonballs at other pirates, and even drowning. While it was clarified that the pirate game wasn’t an MMO, it still left players thinking about how the multiplayer itself would play out.

Joe Neate, executive producer of Sea Of Thieves had an interview with Game Rant, where he explained in detail what the studio planned for their upcoming game. Game Rant posed a question, comparing its multiplayer to that of Destiny’s, to which Joe responded, it would be ‘more impactful’, albeit similar.


Rare’s studio head, Craig Duncan, went on to clarify saying that Destiny’s encounters were indeed impactful, but Sea of Thieves’ were sure to be more intense, and pose greater risk. Perhaps like The Division? This is because players are able to either work together with other pirate crews, or sink their ships in order to reap rewards. The main concept here is human unpredictability, just like The Division’s very own ‘Dark Zones.’

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However, the developer went on to say that there will, of course, be plenty of incentive to work together, to keep players from sinking other ships every time there happens to be an encounter, to discourage toxicity within the community. Game Rant says:

“Battling a kraken, for example, would be just such a scenario that one crew would struggle to complete alone. In these moments, it may be better to work with other player-controlled pirates in the immediate vicinity in order for all of those involved to benefit. In that light, it sounds like there will be a great deal of strategy playing out with each encounter as well.”

Sea Of Thieves already shows plenty of potential ahead of its release next year, on Xbox One and Windows 10. Are you interested in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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