Sea of Thieves Pioneers to test New ‘Arena’ Game Mode; Improved Questing

Joe Neate, executive producer at Rare, gave information about upcoming Sea of Thieves updates at Fun & Serious Game Festival. In his interview Joe talked about an upcoming update to Sea of Thieves’ questing system. The new system will add in crafted lore and guided quests as opposed to the free roam and ‘create-your-own-adventure’ style questing that the game has had up to now. One of the biggest outcries for the game on release was the need for more story, and less repetitive questing. The free Cursed Sails and Hungering Deep updates did just that.

I think it’s fair to say Sea of Thieves at launch appealed to a certain range of players that love that freeform creativity, kind of having their own adventures in this shared world, and almost our quest system gives you a little nudge but that’s not the only thing that you chase. But for some people that want guided goals, they want lore, they want story, we know that we’re underserving players, but we’ve proven that we can do it and that it works in the shared world with campaigns we’ve done around the Hungering Deep or Cursed Sails where you put lore, put story in.

Joe also gave updates on Sea of Thieves’ upcoming PvP update, ‘Arena’.

This won’t simply be a combat involved mode, but will include treasure hunting as well. It’s unclear yet what exactly will come about this, but Joe assured us it would be quick and intense action.

We’re playtesting Arena. We want to get it into our Pioneers community program early in the new year, so we are just trying to nail down that almost MVP of an experience. It’s kind of all the best bits of Sea of Thieves condensed down, it’s treasure hunting, it’s battling at high intensity, high speed. Even though it uses a lot of the same mechanics, it feels very different.

Sea of Thieves pioneers can expect to get their hands on the playtest early this year. For anybody that isn’t a pioneer stay-tuned. Joe says the updates should still launch later this year! Watch the full interview from GameReactor here.

For a quick rundown of the game check out GearNuke’s Sea of Thieves review and keep it here for future updates from Rare!

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