Secret Bioware Game Anthem Revealed At EA E3 Press Conference


At their Press Conference at E3, EA revealed a brand new game that is being developed by BioWare called Anthem. The developers did not reveal much regarding the new IP, however, they did state that this game will be nothing like the games they have released in the past.

It is not surprising to see the new IP, as during an earning call in May, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that they are working on a brand new action IP with BioWare. He also complimented the design of the game and how action-packed it is. Watch the reveal trailer for Anthem below:

From the trailer, you can see that the game called Anthem, features a post-apocalyptic world where you will be in a city protected by the outside wilderness. Also shown in the trailer, was a high-tech armored suit which players will probably have to wear in order to explore the world beyond the walls. We also saw the threats the outside world had, as it is home to monsterous creatures and dangerous storms.

At the Press Conference, EA also revealed that additional information and the gameplay will be shown at the Microsoft Press Conference later today.

Abdullah Raza


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