Secret Project Being Developed Using Frostbite Engine 3, Details To Come Later

Seems like we’ll be hearing about a secret game soon that will be utilizing the Frostbite Engine 3. Frostbite engine is a game engine that is developed by EA Digital Illusions CE. Frostbite Engine 3 is a next-generation game engine that has several upgrades over its previous versions including improved tessellation technology. It also features Destruction 4.0, which enhances the in-game destruction over its predecessors.

Battlefield 4 is the first next-generation game to utilize Frostbite Engine 3 along with several other titles including Need For Speed: Rivals and the new Mass Effect game will be using the Frostbite Engine 3 as well while ditching the Unreal Engine.

Recently there have been a Frostbite Engine Developer conference underway. The official account of Frostbite Engine on twitter tweeted about a secret project that will be revealed later.

Today, one of the programmers who use the official account to tweet to the followers mentioned that they were shown the game presentation for the secret game that is supposedly using Frostbite Engine 3 and that it is being looked forward to

It was also revealed earlier that Frostbite Engine 3 will implement AMD’s Mantle API and that Battlefield 4 is the first title to implement the low level tools via a patch that will be made available in December 2013.

What could this new secret game be that is being talked about? Can you make a guess? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned with us as we will bring you more information as the story develops.

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