See how Batman: Arkham Origins on Xbox 360 compares to PC version at Max

Batman: Arkham Origins is a current generation game that is going to release on a PC as well — but with no next generation version in sight. It is not surprising to expect a Game of the Year type edition for next generation consoles though. If it ever comes out, we can at least have a good idea on how it looks by taking a look at the comparison between Xbox 360 and PC version.

Before starting this comparison, keep in mind that the PC version showcased here is maxed out and running on DirectX 11 compared to the DirectX 9 for Xbox 360 version. Unfortunately, the original snaps are in 1080p so we downscaled them to 720p to make a much more fair comparison but this will also result in a super sampling effect on the PC screens making it completely free from jaggies. Still, it shows a obvious gap between the quality of Xbox 360 and PC version of the game. A difference that is sure to mitigate once the next generation version of Arkham Origins is released(hopefully).

Now that we have gotten the general gist out of the way, lets start with the comparison.

Batman AO Comparison 7-1 Batman AO Comparison 7-2

The textures, as obvious, have gotten a huge bump here. From the floor to the background to the character models, everything looks far more impressive in the PC screenshot. Take a look at the face of Black Mask – on Xbox 360 – it exhibits a plastic like effect more so than the PC version, where the inclusion of DirectX 11 and bumped up textures make it appear far more impressive.

Batman AO Comparison 5-1 Batman AO Comparison 5-2

The biggest difference can be seen here. While the difference in textures is expected, the more realistic looking lighting really adds a lot to the atmosphere here on the PC version of the game. Atmosphere is pretty important for a game like Batman Arkham Origins and the PC delivers the definite experience here.

Batman AO Comparison 3-1 Batman AO Comparison 3-2

Another big difference here. The scene looks so fake and plastic like on Xbox 360 while the PC version is on a whole another level with its sharper looking textures and lighting. Heck, we could’ve easily mistook it as a CGI cutscene on PC while this one is actually from a boss battle.

You can check out further comparison shots below.

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