See The Destruction of A New PlayStation 4 At The Hands of A.50 Cal

PlayStation 4 officially launches tomorrow on November 15 in North America. The hype surrounding the console has been never ending even when there were reports of faulty PlayStation 4 retail units being received by the customers.

RatedRR, a YouTube channel famous for their destruction videos running in slow motion, have uploaded a video which shows that the target this time is a PlayStation 4. Yes, a brand new PlayStation 4. The gun used for the destruction is a semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle bearing the model number 82A1.

The video was shot at 50,000fps. You can watch the whole video below:

What do normal people do when they receive a next-generation console, the most hyped one? They plug it in the comfort of their homes and play away. Not these folks. These people believe in aiming at the heart and pulling the trigger. You can also watch an unboxing video from the same guy who just shot through the heart of his PlayStation 4:

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