See The Impressive Display of Arranged PlayStation 4s In Sweden

PlayStation 4 is (what seems like to be an eternity for those awaiting) just moments away from being launched in Europe. Sony successfully launched the PlayStation 4 in North American two weeks ago and made a new record in the history of PlayStation. Fergal Gara, PlayStation UK’s Managing Director, has stated that optimistically that PlayStation 4 will break its own sales record in the UK.

Sony has promised that apart from pre-orders there will be enough stock at retailers that one can just waltz in the store and pick one up even without a pre-order. As gamers all over Europe wait for the launch of the PlayStation 4, the images of the stock being published on the internet is making the wait harder by the second. An image showing an impressive display of PlayStation 4s arranged by the retailer ‘WEBHALLEN‘ located in Stockholm, Sweden just got out. You can view the image below:

swedenBy the look at the amount of PS4s present, it seems that Sweden is ready for the hype that PlayStation 4 is bringing and that it may have enough stock for you to buy one without a pre-order.

Are you living in Sweden? How’s your hype level currently? Let us know in the comments below.


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