See How Well PlayStation 4 Performs When Plugged Into Xbox One’s HDMI In

We know Xbox One is an all-in-one media entertainment box that sports HDMI In so that your set-top box can be connected with it and you can easily have all your entertainment in one place. But that’s not all, you can connect a multitude of devices in the HDMI In and by going into the TV option, can see them or interact with them all while retaining Xbox One’s UI.

Previously, IGN showed what happens when a PlayStation 4 gets connected to Xbox One’s HDMI In. They noted that there was a little lag when the PlayStation 4 was outputted using Xbox One. Now, a YouTube user, Ali-A, has shown how exactly PlayStation 4 works with the Xbox One. And it works extremely well with no noticeable lag at all. However it is still not recommended to play the PlayStation 4 using the Xbox One’s HDMI In as the lag may or may not arise.

You can watch the video below:

Ali-A played a little Forza 5 on the Xbox One then switched to TV output from inside the Xbox One to play his PlayStation 4. Killzone: Shadow Fall was booted up and it launches pretty fast and showed no noticeable lag. Although it has been confirmed that the input from HDMI In down channels any surround sound to stereo and that there is a workaround to enable the surround sound beta. Albert Penello, Director of Product Planning at Microsoft, confirmed that due to software scheduling, the Dolby Digital option was not present on the Xbox One and that it will come post-launch.

How do you find the HDMI In feature of the Xbox One? Have you tested it with various sources? Let us know in the comments below.

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