Sega Is Interested In A Sonic Adventure Remake

Sonic Adventure is a Dreamcast classic that has yet to be trumped by Sega as a 3D platformer, so they might be interested in remaking it for the modern platforms.

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka shared these views in an interview with Retro Gamer who featured a making-of for Sonic Adventure in their magazine.

It was the first highspeed 3D action game that also featured a scenario highlighted with six different stories, the A-life Chao, six unique styles of gameplay – it is a unique game offering even 20 years after its release. At the time, it also wasn’t just a solitary software release, it was the title to bring people to the Dreamcast and we were given the budget to make something to showcase the hardware. However, it was the very first 3D game that we worked on and looking at it now I can see the rough edges it has, which really makes me want to remake it again.

The interesting point is their desire to remake it again, which shows that there is an interest in bringing it to the more modern platforms. Perhaps Sega has finally seen the light with the success of games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro releasing with a full high-quality remake and reaping the rewards.

Sonic Adventure also received a sequel for the Dreamcast but since then, there has been no additional new game made in the series. If Sega does remake it and bring it to modern platformers, they will have to keep the same standards as other modern remakes if they want this to succeed.

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