Sega Sammy buys Index properties including Atlus of Persona fame

It’s been rumored for quite some time now that SEGA has been interested in purchasing Index Holdings who are the owners of Atlus, developers responsible for the Persona and Shin Megamei Tensei series of games.

Sega Sammy Holdings today confirmed on their website that they have indeed purchased Index Holdings for ¥14 billion (roughly $141 million USD). This deal basically means that all of Index’s properties including Atlus will now be part of SEGA.


The full deal will be complete by the November, we should see new announcement regarding Atlus’ games after that.

Hopefully this doesn’t affect any of Atlus’ projects, SEGA hasn’t been keen on localizing most of their games like Yakuza 5 while it’s the opposite case with Atlus who have been great with their localizations. So fingers crossed guys.

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