Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Experience Farm Locations

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a uniquely challenging game similar to other titles by developer FromSoftware. Players may find it difficult to consistently level up and boost their skills and abilities. Jumping right to a boss battle without adequately leveling up can be disastrous and in most cases lead to more player deaths. Therefore you may want to stay in certain areas to farm skill experience and Sen to gain new skills and upgrades. This can help to make the boss fights a little easier. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has several locations where enemies re-spawn close to idols and have set movement patterns. This allow for easier and faster kills therefore making the experience runs shorter and easy to replicate. Here are some of the best spots to farm experience points:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Experience Farm Location – Ashina Depths

This farming location is accessed towards the late game and can yield upwards of 100,000 experience per hour depending on how you time your experience runs. First travel to the Hidden Forest Idol in the Ashina Depths region and then proceed backwards to the edge of the cliff and you’ll notice a higher ledge on the right side which you can grapple up to. On the ledge are two Phantoms and each of them give 620 experience points and a spirit emblem. They’re fairly easy to kill since they don’t have high health or posture and you can spam your attack button. Also you can land a back-stab on the enemy closest to the ledge. Then quickly dash back to the Hidden Forest Idol and rest and then continue to repeat the process until you’re satisfied with your progress.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Experience Farm Location – Sunken Valley

This location gives both skill experience and Sen and is accessible early to mid game after beating the first main boss. Travel to the Gun Fort Idol at the Sunken Valley and then backtrack a bit and follow the path to the top of the hill and then go right towards the fort. In this area you can do two versions of exp runs which can reward you about 300 exp and 50 Sen per run if you kill only one enemy or 210 Sen and 750 exp per run if you kill all three enemies. The first run simple and quicker, just run up to the first enemy back-stab him and run back to the idol, rest and repeat.

The second run requires a bit of timing and practice since you have to perform two consecutive back-stabs on two enemies, but it does yield more reward and only takes slightly more time per run. To do the second run, stand behind the first enemy for a brief moment just until the enemy in front sees you and runs right towards the wall to get closer to you. Then back-stab the first enemy which will use the ‘Blood Smoke Ninjutsu’ and will actually blind the second enemy who is in close proximity to the first one. This will allow you to land a back-stab on the second enemy by dashing behind him while he is stunned. Then immediately grapple up to the top ledge and kill the third enemy who is fairly easy and then run back to the idol, rest and repeat the process.


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