Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to fix PS4 controller not working on PC

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is FromSoftware’s latest action-adventure installment. It is suffering from bugs and performance issues on PS4 and Xbox One similar to previous titles from the developer which you can read about here.

Recently the game has encountered issues on PC where PS4 controllers would not work using the DS4Windows program. The controller would either not be recognized while in game or the camera would rotate uncontrollably and not register any input.

There’s several factors that could be responsible. Here’s a couple of ways you can fix the problem:

First make sure you’re running the latest version of the DS4Windows program. Next go to settings and then check the ‘Hide DS4 Controller’ option and then restart the game to see if it works. If not go into the Task Manager and go to the ‘Services’ panel and then find the ‘NvContainerLocalSystem’ service then right click and stop it.

Alternatively close out and disable the DS4Windows program. Then open Steam Big Picture mode and ensure that Steam PS4 Configuration Support is enabled in the settings under ‘Controllers’. Next open the controller configuration for Sekiro by going into the Steam library and then click ‘Manage Game’ and then ‘Controller Settings’, click the Gyro option and set it to ‘None’. Then reboot the game and see if it works.

Additionally you should also check the controller settings for any buttons that are set to ‘Mouse’, and make sure they are set to ‘None’. If that doesn’t work you should do a fresh install of the latest DS4Windows program, then from the settings switch off Steam’s gamepad emulation and proceed to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience where you should disable the In-Game overlay and click on ‘Hide DS4 Controller’ in DS4Windows settings. Then restart the game and it should work.


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