Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Perform Lightning Reverse

While playing Sekiro, you will encounter enemies that will use lightning-based attacks. Here is how to perform a Lighting Reverse in Sekiro in case you’re having trouble.

The first time you are introduced to the Lightning Reverse technique in the game is during your rematch with Genichiro. After you will cause significant damage to Genichiro during the match, he will start using lighting-bassed attacks.

What is a Lightning Reverse in Sekiro?

The Lightning Reverse is a sort of a counter attack. It allows you to redirect the lighting-based attacks by your enemies back at them. Upon impact, enemies are stunned for a few seconds.

How to use the Lightning Reverse technique in Sekiro?

Using Lightning Reverse technique in Sekiro is all about timing. You need to press the attack button RB/R1 while you’re in the air at the exact moment when the light strikes you.

This will allow you to redirect the attack at your enemy and stun them.

What are the drawbacks of using Lightning Reverse technique?

The technique requires perfect timing for that reason, there is a chance you might fail. If you fail to complete the counter-attack then you get stunned after getting hit. Further, this leaves you vulnerable to more attacks.

Is the Lightning Reverse technique recommended in Sekiro?

For this reason, it’s recommended to use this technique if you have perfect timing. If not then you should avoid it and try dodging the lightning attack and launch a counter attack instead. This will probably cause less damage to your opponent and will take longer to defeat your enemy. However, this safer and reduces your chances of losing to your opponent.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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