Seven Ways in which android will always be better than iOS

Seven Ways in which android will always be better than the iOS

The battle between the two dominating mobile operating systems will always rage on regardless of whatever global market share the operating system has seized. For now, here are the seven ways in which the android operating system will always be better than its adversary, the iOS.

A visible file system is available to the user


When the android operating system is concerned, you can view the type of files you have by browsing through the file system manager present in the apps menu or by plugging the phone in to your computer. Furthermore, all you have to do is drag the items you want to copy to your smartphone and presto, you’re all done. Granted, you will have the same option when you plug in your iPhone, but there are a lot of hassles barriers that you will have to overcome just to perform a basic option such as transferring your files. So in our opinion, that is one burden that we can avoid.

Third party software keyboards


Though we cannot complain about the fluid typing experience present on Apple’s iPhones, what we are talking about is a plethora of third party keyboards available at the user’s disposal. If you want, you can replace the Android’s default keyboard with several other alternatives. One great example is the Swype keyboard, which we have found relatively simple to use.

A whole list of sharing options


With the iOS, you only get a few sharing options, which, to say the least, the word ‘few’ is a complete understatement. With only a handful of sharing options present at the user’s disposal, sharing is limited on the iOS. Unlike the android operating system, you have sharing options that will extend till you scroll down to the end of your screen. That is kind of sharing options we want to have in every other mobile operating system.

Multiple user accounts on a single android device


Want to synchronize two or more accounts on your android smartphone and / or tablet? Luckily for you, the android has exactly that feature. Now, you can receive alerts and notifications on a single device rather than spending useless amounts of money purchasing a brand new one. In case you were wondering, you cannot execute the same thing on an iPad or an iPhone.

Google Now is better than Apple’s Siri


With several augmentations implemented in to the Google Now feature, you can access the speech feature with a lot more ease and best of all, it is easily able to triumph over its rival’s speech interface; Siri. For those of you who were wondering how exactly Google Now is better; sifting through tons of information to find you the most accurate info according to your feeds is one feature present in Google Now. For those of you who didn’t know this before, Siri archives and locates its information through the Bing search engine and not Google’s. However, before we start a defamation campaign, we would like to point out one thing in Siri that bests the Google Now feature by a severely large margin. Siri’s assistant commands are far superior to Google Now’s.

More free applications for users


Even though the App store has more applications compared to the Google Play Store, there are more free applications present on Google’s database of applications than Apple’s. So enjoy android users.

Accessing multimedia files can be done without breaking a sweat


On the android operating system, it does not matter where your music, photos and videos come from. Just transfer, upload or download and start accessing your files without flexing too many muscles. For iOS users, unfortunately, it’s a whole other story altogether. iOS users will have to use iTunes to access their media related files and iPhoto to access photographs.

This was in no way a campaign to defame Apple’s iOS. Personally, we prefer using the iOS due to its fluidity which is why in our next section, we will be detailing in what ways Apple’s iOS dethrones the android operating system. For now, if you feel that there is something that we might have missed, then leave your remarks in the comment banks below.

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