Shadow Of The Colossus PS4 Dev’s Next Project Is Another Remake With ‘Bigger’ Scope

Shadow of the Colossus has just received one of the best remakes that has been released this generation. It not only completely overhauls the visuals for the game but tries to expand and improve on the gameplay from this cult classic. It was done by Bluepoint Games who are well known for their work on projects like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Gravity Rush Remastered. Shadow of the Colossus Remake was the first project where they had to create new assets for the game making it one of their largest production to date.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bluepoint Games has now confirmed that their next project is going to be another remake like Shadow of the Colossus although they didn’t share anything teases for what should be expected from them.

The statement was shared by Bluepoint’s president and co-owner, Marco Thrush who said: “This project served us as a great point of growing the art team to the point where we can take on a full triple-A game major scope of art content. So now our next step is, let’s improve the art pipeline, let’s improve the engine, let’s improve workflow for artists, let’s grow on the art side some more to handle our next project because it’s a bit bigger. And our next focus is, all right, let’s work on design and add new stuff to get to the next remake, because now that can be our sole focus of making sure that’s where we put the time and everybody else, they’re already at a level where we can perform.”

From what he has said it, it sounds like Bluepoint Games are going to take work on bigger scope with their next project, which begs the question, what can it be? Shadow of the Colossus was an open world game so if they try to remake a classic game that is linear, it will be technically a step down from that. In any case, hopefully we can get to hear about it soon.

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