Shadow of the Colossus Remake’s Biggest Secret Finally Discovered By Fans

Shadow of the Colossus has added a new set of collectibles that were not a part of the original game. These are the coins that can be discovered through the open world and there is a limited number of them to collect, however there was no final amount available when the game launched which led many to speculate what secret will be unlocked once the full set of coins are found.

This all seems to have been clarified now that the game is officially out worldwide. This was discovered by YouTube user PS4Trophies who was on the hunt for all the coins that can be collected in order to unlock a potential secret. Before you read any further, keep in mind that the secret might be spoiled so stop reading if you want to discover it yourself.

There are a total of 79 coins that can be found throughout the open world of Shadow of the Colossus. One you are able to collect them, it is possible to unlock a new secret weapon called the ‘Sword of Dormin’ which does a great amount of damage to each colossi but at the expense of reduced health regeneration as seen in the image below.

How to Unlock Sword of Dorm in Shadow of the Colossus

The requirement to unlock this legendary Sword of Dormin is pretty simple as stated above. Get all the 79 entangled coins that can be found in the open world and then head back to the shrine. Once you are there, you should be able to locate a hidden room at the bottom of the shrine which leads to the location of the Sword of Dormin.

Shadow of the Colossus Remastered is available now for the PS4. It was developed by Bluepoint Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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