Shadow of War Guide: How To Find Legendary Sets Bright Lord And Vendetta

You can get some Legendary gear in Middle-earth Shadow of War through a variety of different ways. There are a grand total of 9 sets of Legendary gear to get in the game. Each set has six Legendary gear to collect in order to complete the set. Some of these are tied to a Captain and will require you to gather Intel, others are found through completing a set of challenges.

How To Find All Legendary Gears and Sets In Shadow of War

There are some specific ways to get Legendary gear or you can try your luck with random gear discovery through an intel obtained for a Captain. If you don’t mind spending in-game currency or have money to spare for buying Gold with microtransactions, you can buy Loot Boxes that can also offer a Legendary gear, but since these are random, they are not really optimal solution here. Lastly, if you manage to take over an Overlord, you will get a Legendary gear as a reward for defeating them.

The two legendary gear sets that can be obtained by fulfilling a specific set of conditions are listed below.

How To Find Bright Lord Legendary Set

The Bright Lord Legendary set will take you the longest amount of time. It requires you to open all Ithildin Doors and get atleast a bronze rank in all the Shadows of the Past missions.

How To Find Vendetta Legendary Set

This set is tied to the Online Vendetta system which pits you against Orcs that have killed your friends. These missions will require certain criteria that has to be meet before you can get the Legendary gear.

The rest of the Legendary Sets can be seen below. Each of the gear in the set has a different set of requirements.

  • Dark Legendary Set
  • Feral Legendary Set
  • Machine Legendary Set
  • Marauder Legendary Set
  • Mystic Legendary Set
  • Terror Legendary Set
  • Warmonger Legendary Set

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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