Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide: How To Easily Earn Experience Points

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an action RPG from Monolith Studios. You will be able to gain experience points in the game and use them to level up and learn new skills. This is important if you want to fight some of the legendary captains that will challenge you throughout the game.

How To Earn Experience Points In Middle-earth: Shadow of War

You will be able to gain experience points by doing the main quests in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. You don’t get experience points by killing grunts or beasts so it is important to go through the main story quests first. This is not just limited to story quests but even the optional quests can offer you plenty of experience points. Keep in mind that you only earn experience points the first time you play them so you can replay them again just to level up.

The other way to gain experience points is through the Nemesis missions. You won’t get many experience points if you complete these missions but if you manage to kill the Captain, you will get bonus experience which can come in handy. You can also take over outposts by killing the Captains. This can be done as part of the Nemesis mission and results in a nice amount of experience points.

Lastly if you are playing the game online, you can also try to attempt the Vendetta missions. These missions require you to defeat Orcs that have killed your friend in the game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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