Shadow of War Guide: How To Get The True Ending

Shadow of War is a fantastic game however the developers have opted to hide the true ending under a weird series of extremely difficult sieges that won’t be easy to complete unless you grind for them.

Once you are done with the main story in Shadow of War, you will be given the option to take part in the endgame. This endgame consists of more than 20 sieges for you to defend your fortress against them.

How To Unlock True Ending In Shadow of War

The sieges will be divided in 10 different stages during which you will have to defend parts of the fortress ranging from Cirith Ungol, Núrnen, Seregost and Gorgoroth. The game will alternate between these and then increasingly add more and more places for you to defend at a single time as the siege reaches near the end. The last stage will require you to defend all four of these stages and if you succeed, you will be able to experience a cutscene that is set years later after the events in Shadow of War.

The trick to getting through the siege is focusing on both: offense and defense. You will need a well balanced army of Orcs along with defense for your fortress so it is entirely possible that you first attempt at the siege might not be successful, however don’t give up hope and learn the patterns to keep trying and redo it. If you fail, there is a chance that you might lose your army and also have to retake the fortress so make sure to plan ahead before triggering the siege.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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