Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide: How To Grind Money and Earn Mirian

Middle-earth: Shadow of War features two different type of currencies in the game. You can use one of them to buy some items in the game while the other currency is reserved for the paid microtransactions. If you own Middle-earth: Shadow of War on PC, there is a exploit available that can let you earn unlimited loot boxes with Mirian.

How To Grind Money and Farm Mirian

You can earn mirian in the game by performing a variety of tasks. Just like it is the case with experience points, quests can offer a decent set of money once you complete them. You can also encounter Treasure Orcs during your exploration in the world of Mordor. They can be identified through the mini map or by a white dot on their head. Killing them will give you either a small amount of Mirian or Gem.

If you are trying to some of the optional content, attempting the Shadow of the Past missions can be a good way to farm Mirian. The amount you earn here depends on your rank in the mission. Try to complete as many bonus objectives as you can in order to earn the maximum amount of Mirian.

There are several other ways to earn Mirian. Among them, the most easiest is if you destroy your old gear. Doing this will get you some Mirian back. If you want to go this way, make sure to keep the Legendary gear instead of destroying them unless you have a duplicate.

How To Earn Gold In Shadow of War

It is actually possible to earn Gold in Shadow of War without spending real-life money but this will require you to perform some online related activities that offer reward in the form of gold.

These activities can range from a Daily or Community challenge with Gold as a reward. Taking over a fortress in Online Conquest the first time will give you a large amount of Gold. Defending your fortress from online invasion is another way to earn Gold in Shadow of War.

Gold is mainly used for better version of Loot Boxes even though you can use the Silver Mirian to purchase Loot Boxes, Gold will prove to be the better choice offer you more Legendary gear for the end game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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