Shadows Die Twice Is Not Bloodborne 2, Reveal Hinted At E3 – Rumor

Shadows Die Twice is the new game that was revealed by From Software. There was not gameplay or even a full teaser and it was mostly a logo that confirmed the name of the game as ‘Shadows Die Twice’ during The Game Awards.

According to a new set of rumor by resetERA user Omnipotent, Shadows Die Twice is going to get a full reveal at the upcoming E3 2018 press conference. He also shared that this is not Bloodborne 2 as people had initially assumed but instead it will be a multiplatform game by From Software. According to him, From Software is apparently not working on Bloodborne 2 but they do have multiple projects in development. Just like it is the case with all rumors, you need to take this one with a grain of salt.

Shadows Die Twice will get a big showcase at the upcoming E3. The game might be a completely new IP by From Software who have reached a new level of success with their work on the Souls series. They have only worked on the Souls series so far and they have been confirmed that they are developing a game for the PlayStation VR. Shadows Die Twice might be one of their other major projects.

Shadows Die Twice was originally revealed at The Game Awards 2017. From Software are currently working on the remaster for Dark Souls that is set to launch on May 25th for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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