Shahid Ahmad: “I proposed a deal to bring one of the most requested games across to Vita tonight”

Vita man Shahid Kamal Ahmad has been on a roll lately, getting us all these great games and deals on the Vita. The guy isn’t stopping though as he just stared talks to bring “one of most requested games” to the PS Vita.

Shahid Ahmad is one of those guys every Playstation fan should know about, chances are he had a hand behind bringing most of your favorite Playstation titles to the their respective homes this generation whether it be PS3. Vita or even the upcoming PS4.

Speculation is all we can do right now, so let us know what you think the game is in the comments below.


Bonus: Ahmad is also busy working on #JRPGVita, I’m personally hoping he can get something done about the Final Fantasy Type-0 situation.

All the best of luck to Shahid Ahmad and the team!

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