SCEE’s Shahid Ahmad On Vita: 60 Games In Pipeline; “No End In Sight” For Games In The Future

The PS Vita might be a lovely handheld but when it comes to exclusives and AAA games, it usually gets the short end of the stick. Recently, Sony made a comment on how Vita’s future is limited to either remote playing AAA games from the PS4, or simply being used as a potential PS Now streaming device.

SCEE’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad is well known for his love and support for the PS Vita, and he was the guy who championed the #JRPGVita campaign, which resulted in the release announcement of Tales of Hearts R for the PS Vita along with potential more announcements in the future. Now he has taken it to Twitter to ease the hearts of the Vita fans, who might have been disappointed by the recent remarks of Sony.

Shahid stated that they have a grand total of 60 games for the PS Vita in the pipeline and he also said that they are in the process of getting a dozen more with “no end in sight.”

On the future of Vita games: My team alone has over 60 in the pipeline and we’re committed to dozens more with no end in sight.

Remember, my team is not the only team in PlayStation working on Vita, and also, there are more and more partners jumping on board!

This is quite a encouraging remark as the PS Vita sadly lacks the support from big developers, especially in the West.

Hopefully Shahid can keep working on his magic to bring more titles to the PS Vita, even if there are indies thrown in the mix; he did get us some big name titles like Football Manager and the recently revealed Tales of Hearts R. He has also confirmed that this won’t be the only #JRPGVita release and more are coming in the future.

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