Shuhei Yoshida Comments On Dimming The DualShock 4 LED, Issues With Share Button

When the DualShock 4 was originally unveiled, complaints were thrown around on how its Light bar can reflect in the TV screen and how it glows in the dark. The Light bar was also blamed to result in a rather short DualShock 4 battery life. This annoyed some of the people and a set of complaints started. Sony outright slammed the possibility of disabling Light bar but seems like dimming it might be a better alternative solution.

SCE’s Worldwide Studios Boss Shuhei Yoshida is usually pretty active on twitter. He recently replied to a bunch of complains over the Light bar and Share Button issues.

While Yoshida has clearly said that Sony won’t disable the DualShock 4 Light bar in any future firmware update, his response to dimming the Light bar was rather surprising. When asked whether Sony could look into dimming the DualShock 4 Light bar when the PS4 eye is not in use, Yoshida replied: “sounds reasonable”


The PS4 Share button can cause issues sometimes. It is a strange problem that happens randomly and when it does, it doesn’t record the last 15 minutes of gameplay. When a user asked Yoshida about looking into the issues associated with Share button, Yoshida confirmed that they are indeed working on it.

Hopefully, Sony can release a solution to both of these issues in future firmware updates.

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