Shuhei Yoshida Investigating PlayStation 4 Share Button Issues

PlayStation 4 has its own set of sharing features, which allows us to record and share at least 15 minutes of gameplay footage online. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work properly and often has issues with not recording the last 15 minutes of gameplay. Shuhei Yoshida seems to be investigating this issue, hopefully resulting in a solution to this in an update.

On twitter, Yoshida was approached by a couple of gamers who had issues with the sharing function. The user complained about the share button, citing that it often records the wrong footage and not the last 15 mins. Yoshida acknowledged this issue but said that it doesn’t happen with everyone.

Another user insisted that this happens to everyone, to which Yoshida replied that “Not Everyone”.

Apparently, it happened all the time to one user in Battlefield 4, which made Yoshida curious and he asked him “you mean 100% of time?”

Infact, this was still happening to some users in other games, Yoshida decided to ask if this was specific to a game or not, and then finally thanked the users for giving him their feedback.

The share function of PlayStation 4 is made that way so that it records the last 15 minutes of the gameplay, but for some users, this doesn’t always happen. There are steps to work around this problem for now but it is nice to see the boss of Sony’s Worldwide Studios taking it to twitter to acknowledge this issues, because it only makes it more certain that it will be fixed in a potential firmware update.

Are you having any issues with the share function? Let us know in the comments below.

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