Shuhei Yoshida: “There are a lot of hidden powers in our system”

President of SCE’s Worldwide Studio, Shuhei Yoshida is pretty confident that PlayStation 4 titles will see improvements every year, once developers began to master the hardware – just like they did with Cell Processor of PlayStation 3.

Speaking in an interview to GamesIndustry, Yoshida talked about one such “hidden power”, the GPGPU function of the graphics unit of PlayStation 4. According to Yoshida, no launch titles at the moment are using this feature of the graphics unit except for Resogun. They are still using the core graphics to do all the work and are not off-loading it to GPGPU.

Yoshida says that the GPGPU is difficult to master effectively and will take developers a while, just like it took them a while to master the cell and its SPUs and as a result, the multiplatform titles on PlayStation 3 started to show improvements.

There are a lot of hidden powers in our system. You may be familiar with GPGPU and PS4 has a lot more GPGPU processing in it, which is difficult to learn and master, similar to a Cell processor. So every year the games on PS4 will perform better because most of the launch teams probably didn’t use GPGPU – they probably just used core graphics. So when the developers [use more of these] in two to three years the graphics will be really amazing. Resogun, by the way, is already using GPGPU… and that game is getting very good reviews!

Resogun developers were very happy with the GPGPU compute capabilities and preferred it over the SPUs of the cell processor. Resogun is the only launch title to utilize the GPGPU compute function of PlayStation 4 and it runs at a stunning 1080p and 60 fps.

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