Shuhei Yoshida: Much More To Come Later This Year

The PS4 finally came home yesterday. The Japanese finally got what they’ve been waiting for. The public celebrated the consoles release with a bang. Thousands of fans showed up at the event and many others watched the event unfold on a livestream which was broadcasted worldwide. Many celebrities, developers etc made an appearance on the show and one of them was Sony Computer Entertainments very own Shuhei Yoshida.

After the launch event, Yoshida answered a few questions asked by the fans. He mentioned that the third parties will continue making games for both the PS4 and the PS3 and will also work on dedicated titles for the PS4 as soon as the demand for PS4 titles in the market is high. But he knew Sony Worldwide Studio are the ones who can make that possible:

We’re the first party, so we must release the good stuff. We’ll make big titles for the PS4.

He also told us that their are many new PS4 titles that haven’t been announced yet but they, Sony, are working to be able to announce them by the end of the year.

Yoshida ended the interview by saying the Japanese public also want to get into the western game titles and finished it of by calling inFAMOUS: Second Son ” Insanely Good!”

Abdullah Raza


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