Shuhei Yoshida praises Microsoft for policy reversals

Microsoft came under a serious backlash from gamers when it announced its strict DRM policies at their own conference this year and E3. At the same day at E3, Sony also announced that it will bring no new DRM policies to PlayStation 4 and it will work just as PlayStation 3 is working. Used games can be played without obtaining a new pass and no going online for validation every 24 hours. Sony also announced the console as $100 cheaper than Xbox One. Fans after seeing the policies lashed out on Microsoft, Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson also during an interview told that such changes are well thought of and you can’t just “flip a switch” to revert changes.

A few days after Microsoft did reverse many of its policies which included playability of used games, no going online every 24 hours for validation and no mandatory Kinect. However to avail all this, Xbox One has to go online at least once to download a Day One patch which will remove these policies. The update, according to Microsoft, won’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios boss, praised Microsoft for its reversal of policies. Talking to GameIndustry, Yoshida said:

We know they’re very smart people…

It’s great that they were able to quickly realise that some of the things they were doing were not popular, and were able to make really quick decisions to change some of those things – even things that their engineering group must have spent a lot of time preparing before the launch.

Yoshida also stated that they never took Microsoft lightly. He says that especially in the United States, where Sony is the challenger and they are competing with them. He continued that some of the deliverance of their messages across to gamers gave Sony more chances to compete with them.


Shortly after Sony’s own E3 conference, Yoshida himself and Adam Boyes, head of Publisher and Developer relations, released a tongue-in-cheek video showing how the steps on how to trade used games on the PlayStation 4, which was a response to Microsoft’s no used games policy.

“It must have been a very tough time for them. That shows how smart they are, and it shows their dedication to making Xbox One successful.”

says Yoshida. Shuhei Yoshida is an all-around nice guy who is both funny at times to watch and listen to as well as informative.

With just one month away for the launch of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we will usher into a new era of gaming, competition of these titans against each other in the department of gaming and being a media center for living rooms.

Stay tuned with us as we will bring you more exciting news about both the platforms.

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