Shuhei Yoshida says Sony’s demos shown at E3 ran on the PS4

The President of Sony Interactive Entertainment took to Twitter to confirm that all the demos displayed at E3 were, in fact, running on a standard Ps4.

After Microsoft unveiled their powerful Xbox console code-named ‘Project Scorpio’ during their E3 briefing, many fans and members of the gaming industry thought that Sony would change their mind, and decide to play their own card, Playstation Neo. The Playstation Neo has been confirmed by Sony as a major hardware upgrade, the direct competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio.

Sony began revealing gameplay demo after gameplay demo, starting off with the beautiful God of War. Speculation fueled as more presentations were shown, with Horizon: Zero Dawn’s gorgeous landscapes to the weird yet amazing footage that was Hideo Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding.’ Each an every title was a visual treat, but Sony’s briefing ended without a single mention of the Neo.

A fan took to twitter to ask whether the games were running on a Ps4 or the Neo, to which Yoshida confirmed the following:


The impression that fans believed these games ran on a Neo goes to show that the teams behind the exclusives displayed on Monday night, clearly knew how to optimise their titles to the fullest, making full use of every last drop of power your standard Ps4 has to offer.


The argument that could be made here is that Sony fans and Playstation 4 users don’t really need to upgrade to the Neo if your machine can visual spectacles like Kojima’s game. However, imagine the power an upgraded Neo would use to play the very titles shown on E3’s demo. It’s obviously likely that Sony is continuing development for the Ps4.5, but Sony’s briefing at E3 leaves an implicit message for Microsoft.

Xbox Scorpio’s 6 teraflops of power might not nearly be enough for Microsoft to close the gap in the console wars. Neo is still in development, and we might see a release sometime next year.

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