Shulk’s Voice Actor Teases New Project, Could This Be Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Xenoblade Chronicles fans are always on the lookout for news regarding the series and after the success of the second game, Monolith is reportedly working on a brand new one.

Monolith Soft has worked on the Xenoblade series and also in a support role for many of the current Nintendo projects including Breath of the Wild. They are currently working on the next Zelda for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo confirmed that they are developing a sequel to Breath of the Wild at E3.

Shulk’s Voice Actor is Adam Howden who has now teased that he just finished working on a new project. He didn’t really go into specifics but speculation right now is rampant that this could be for a new Xenoblade Chronicles. This is not the first time a voice actor has teased his involvement in the project as in the past, another Xenoblade Chronicles voice actor had teased about signing on a new project.

Xenoblade Chronicles was released in 2017 and it was followed by a large expansion that acted as a prequel to the main game in 2018. Torna The Golden Country was the prequel that arrives in 2018 and since then there hasn’t been any update for the series.

Monolith Soft has multiple projects in development and with the success of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it won’t be surprising to see them work on a brand new game.

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