SIE PR Denies Reports Of Increased Censorship And “New” Rules For Sexual Content In PS4 Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment PR has denied the reports that they are increasing censorship in their games and will enforce new rules for sexual content in games that are published on the PS4.

Japanese website GameSpark has reported this news citing a Sony Interactive Entertainment Spokesperson. Wallstreet Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki has shared an interpretation of the comments made by SIE PR person to the website.

Sony had confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that they have new rules in place for sexual content in PS4 games. This has led to an increase in censorship for some of the more niche Japanese games, also affected some of the more popular ones like Senran Kagura and Dead or Alive 3. Most of these games were released uncensored but changes were made to their most recent releases.

While Sony might be trying to deny it, for now, it doesn’t help explain their “new” rules that are indeed affecting all of the latest games. It also forces the developer to submit their games multiple times in order to pass the new rules established by Sony, thus increasing their cost of developing games for the PS4.

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