Six New Evolutions Revealed For Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo has just released another new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, and this time around we get a look at 6 brand new evolutions, as well as 2 new Alolan forms for existing Pokemon.

First up are the Alolan forms for 2 very old Pokemon, Grimer, and it’s evolved from, Muk. The Alolan variants not only have a different color scheme, but are Poison/Dark type instead of the regular Poison type. Their special ability is Poison Touch / Gluttony.



The new evolutions this time around are:

Name: Silvally (Normal)


When a Type: Null gains a partner it trusts, It deliberately destroys the restraining device on it’s head and evolves into a Silvally. It’s special ability is called the RKS System Ability, which allows it to change it’s type by holding an item that corresponds to that specific type. It also has an exclusive move called Multi-Attack.

Name: Hakamo-o (Dragon/Fighting)


The evolved form of Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o is also a Scaly Pokémon. This Pokemon dances before battle to showcase its strength. After it evolves from Jangmo-o, it seperates from its’ companions and begins to live alone to train itself. Wherever it can find Pokemon to battle, it seems to appear. Hakamo-o’s special ability is Bulletproof/Soundproof

Name: Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting)


After Hakamo-o’s harsh training cycle ends, it evolves into Kommo-o. The Pokemon then returns to it’s birthplace, where it watches over the young Jangmo-o from a distance. Kommo-o’s special ability is also Bulletproof/Soundproof.

Name: Steenee (Grass)


The evolved from of Bounsweet, Steenee is known as the Fruit Pokemon. The calyx on it’s head is much stronger than it’s previous form’s, so it no longer worries about getting attacked by other Pokemon. Upon evolution it’s personality also becomes more social, and it prefers to play with others as opposed to running away. It’s special ability is Leaf Guard / Oblivious.

Name: Tsareena (Grass)


Only the strongest of Steenee are able to evolve into a Tsareena, at which point the Pokemon takes on the nature of high class nobility. It’s special ability is Leaf Guard / Queenly Majesty, of which Queenly Majesty is an ability only few Tsareena possess.

Name: Ribombee (Bug/Fairy)


The Bee Fly Pokemon, Ribombee is the evolved form of Cutiefly. This Pokemon collects flower nectar and pollen to turn into balls known as Pollen Puffs. These not only serve as food food for Ribombee, but can cause effects like paralysis or dizziness on it’s enemies. Ribombee’s special ability is Honey Gather / Shield Dust.

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Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon are set to release on 18th November, 2016, for the Nintendo 3DS. You can learn more about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, as well as the new Pokemon set to appear in the games, here.

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