Sledgehammer Games Tease Call of Duty 2017, Returning To World War Era?

Sledgehammer Games are almost definitely going to be the next in line for the development of Call of Duty 2017 and just like Infinity Ward earlier in 2016, they are teasing new announcement from their studio leading into 2017.

Sledgehammer Games first teased their upcoming announcement with a tweet from the Studio Lead Michael Condrey that featured an old gun, M1911.

This was followed up be a tweet this year that featured an old device counting down to the year 2017. Are they perhaps hinting at a return to the pre-Modern Warfare era for Call of Duty again, just like it happened with Battlefield 1?

While it is too early to predict anything regarding their upcoming Call of Duty, it won’t be surprising to see Activision drop the futuristic warfare in favor of a more grounded approach after the failure of Infinite Warfare last year. This could also signal a change in direction for the series which has dabbled too much in the futuristic warfare aspect after the success of Modern Warfare and Black Ops as a franchise.

Look forward to this year’s E3 to get an official confirmation and reveal for the next Call of Duty game, which is going to be from Sledgehammer Games thanks to the 3 years development cycle of a Call of Duty game.

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