SMITE Update version 10.84 released on PS4 and Xbox One [Patch Notes]

SMITE Update version 10.84 just went live for the PS4 and Xbox One. The patch most likely makes changes to the game for the 5.17 update. Read on for the full notes.

SMITE Update version 10.84 is 15GB in size.

Detailed notes here.

SMITE Update version 10.84 “Hera’s Odyssey” 5.17 Patch Notes

Odyssey Points and Odyssey Levels
  • Gain Odyssey levels by earning Odyssey points through completing quests and/or buying Odyssey items.
Collection Bonuses
  • Players will receive a free item every 3 Odyssey Levels as a bonus.
  • Collection bonus items can be earned by questing.
Odyssey Quests
  • 5 quests will be released in every Odyssey update.
  • Completing these 5 quests will reward you with 1 Odyssey Level.
Odyssey Lore
  • With every Odyssey, also comes an epic story. This year, the lore is set directly after the events of the Divine Uprising.
Odyssey Items
  • Cyber Scythe Thanatos
  • Cosmic Power Anubis
  • Pixel Chaos Discordia
  • Hera’s Odyssey Loading Skin
Bonus Items
  • Cutesy Hera Avatar
  • Hera’s Odyssey Loading Skin
  • On Consoles, B or Circle buttons will now exit menus, as long as those buttons have no other function on those menus
  • All platforms now have video links to preview any gods abilities
  • All chests will now list all of their contents
  • Added a controller sensitivity option for PC
  • The rules for how God stats are shown on Loading Frames have been updated
    • God Stats no longer require you to have purchased a Mastery Skin to display on your loading frame, they will show up based on your Hide God Stats option in your Profile loadout.
    • New players will have their Hide God Stats option defaulted to hidden.
    • Mastery Level (I,II,X,etc.) will always display on your loading frame
Awesome Chest
  • New additions to the Awesome Chest
    • Geek Beak Thoth
    • Pup Patrol Cerberus
Godlike Chest
  • New additions to the Godlike Chest
    • Madame Blade Serqet
    • Beach Babe Aphrodite
    • Monster Trainer Erlang Shen
Fantasy points Store
  • New additions to the Fantasy Points Store
    • Cangaceiro Vamana
    • Life’s a Beach Geb
    • Hellrider Chiron
  • Fixed an issue where a few items did not have the correct “PASSIVE” text
  • Fixed Polynesian pedestal’s missing textures
  • Fixed an issue where you could be Knocked Up out of the Assault map
  • Players can no longer spam another player with custom match invites, they are now limited to 2 invites per 30s
  • Fixed an issue with the Minimize Button incorrectly displaying in Fullscreen mode. This button still displays for Windowed and Borderless Windowed modes.
  • Fixed a series of issues where certain animations could crash spectator
  • Spectators will now go to the End of Match Lobby properly even if the game ends early in surrender
  • Fixed an issue where spectator camera would have issues if the lobby was not full
  • Fixed an issue where the mini map editor could become stuck in a certain position
  • Fixed an issue where players could not create or join parties after leaving the game idle for a long period of time

SMITE is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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