SMITE Update Version 10.97 (PS4) Patch Notes 5.22 For Xbox One and PC

SMITE has received a new update version 5.22 on PC today, and will also get this patch on PS4 and Xbox One. Here are the full patch notes.

SMITE is a free-to-play MMO that has received a lot of praise from fans due to its free content in post-launch updates. It was also recently announced for the Nintendo Switch.

SMITE continues to get free content updates and today is no expectation. Patch 5.22 seems to include many new additions as well as balance adjustments. This is now out as SMITE update version 10.97 on PS4 and Xbox One.

SMITE Update Version 10.97 (PS4) Patch Notes 5.22 For Xbox One and PC


Purchasable Items
  • Cyber Samurai Hachiman
  • Brutal Dragon Fenrir
  • Shadow Punch Ravana
  • Shadow Fist Jump Stamp
Bonus Item
  • Dragon Priestess Nox


  • Typing “/block” while in a private chat with another user will now block that user
  • Players on PC can now log out on the home page
  • The mini-map icons for Minotaurs have been updated
Player Gifting
  • It’s the season of giving! In SMITE update 5.22 you’ll be able to send gifts directly to other players! You can find this option in the shop, friends list, or end of match lobby.
    • Send any player an emote, voice pack, or skin accompanied by a short message!Keep an eye out for a more detailed Player Gifting post and FAQ closer to launch day.


Awesome Chest
  • New additions to the Awesome Chest
    • Fat Loki Cabrakan
    • Northern Ranger Hachiman
Fantasy Points Store
  • New additions to the Fantasy Points Store
    • Heartbreaker Nox
    • Rock from Bisrakh Ravana
    • Almighty Zeus
New Loadout Items
  • Titan Forge Ymir Announcer Pack
  • 1v1 Me Deathmark
  • Infernal Fountain Skin
  • Cubic Recall Skin


  • Fixed an issue where the portal in Arena would disappear before the screen fully faded to black during the victory/defeat segment.
  • Fixed an issue where some ultimates with multiple fire instances (Raijin, Camazotz) would get into buggy animation states when spamming.
  • Fixed an issue where not all banners would load properly.
  • Fixed an issue where controller disconnect popups would occur when they shouldn’t or would occur but not be dismissable.
  • Fixed an issue where controllers may fail to be detected.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes after logging in, all inputs would be input twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ability Builder was not functioning.

The full patch notes for SMITe update version 10.97 can be viewed from here. SMITE is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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