SNES Classic Pre-Orders Are Going Up, Already Getting Sold Out

Nintendo is releasing a new hardware soon in the form of SNES Classic. Just like the NES Classic, this hardware comes with support for games and has a limited amount of quantity available for it so the pre-orders that are open right now are getting sold out within minutes.

The first pre-order was open on Walmart today but it was sold out within a minute, which is pretty fast for such an outdated and niche product. Nintendo had similar issues with with NES Classic Edition, keeping it in stock for those who really needed it. Thanks to scalpers though, the NES Classic Edition was like a rare sight to see whenever it would be available for sale, it was sold out within minutes.

Other retailers also have their pre-orders scheduled to go live today so if you are looking forward to grabbing SNES Classic today, make sure to pre-order the console before it is sold out. Scalpers are already selling the pre-order of the console on Ebay for as high as $300, which is quite a jump from the $79.99 price sold by Nintendo.

SNES Classic comes installed with 21 games including one of the rarest game in the SNES library that was never officially released. Yes, this is the infamous Star Fox 2 for the SNES which is being released for the first time in the company history and this is all exclusively for the SNES Classic.


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