Sniper Elite 3 gives you a chance to blow the Führer’s brains out again

Sniper Elite 3 gives you a chance to blow the Führer's brains out

For those of you who were in a haste to pre-order the latest tactical sniping shooter title developed by Rebellion Oxford and published by 505 games; the fruit of your efforts (and of course your wallet) have finally been reaped. Sniper Elite 3 makers promised that they will cater to players even further by giving them a bonus mission to play called ‘Hunt the Grey Wolf’.

Turns out, the mission has been made available to everybody; and not just those who pre-ordered the title. In the ‘Hunt the Grey Wolf’ mission, you will get a chance to blow the prodigious Hitler’s brains out (again we might add). During the mission, Hitler (who has been reportedly codenamed the ‘Grey Wolf’ by the Allies during WWII) and his double are in Tobruk, Libya during the year 1942.


Players controlling the unnamed protagonist will covertly infiltrate the occupied streets of Tobruk and will have to triangulate their sights on the correct target before they can release the trigger that will end the dominating reign of the mighty Führer (for the second time we might add). Thanks to the open environment, not to mention the random targets you will have to take out, 505 games and Rebellion will no doubt make this mission similar to the previous ones completed in the game; where no two playthroughs will be the same.


The expansion mission can now be purchased by anyone for $7.99. In addition to the expansion mission, players will also have a choice to purchase two weapons bundles. They are as follows:

  • The Camouflage Weapons Pack
  • The Hunter Weapons Pack

Alongside the weapons bundle, a new multiplayer character pack, called the the Allied Re-Enforcement Outfits Pack has also been released. The price for each pack will set you back by $2.99 each, but in the grand scheme of things, the money will be worth it right?

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