Sony launching 2TB PS4 Pro and ‘Copper’ Dualshock 4 in Japan

Sony has announced that they’re launching a 2TB PS4 Pro and ‘Copper’ colorway of the the Dualshock 4 later this month in Japan.

Sony will be releasing the new console and controller on November 21 in the land of the rising sun. The 2TB PS4 Pro will retail for 44,980 yen ($399~) while the Copper Dualshock 4 will sell for 6,480 yen ($57~).

If the copper controller seems familiar then it should because it was already released in Western regions back in September. Finally the West gets something before Japan eh?

Sony will also be re-releasing Metallic Gold and Silver color Dualshock variants which were previously released in limited quantities.

Now brings these to the West Sony!

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