Sony Acknowledges Post 2.0 Firmware Update Issues, Gives Update On PS+ Lineup Announcement

Sony has been silent for a while after launching their latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4. This update was labeled as a major update hence it was called 2.0 firmware update representing a significant milestone for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, some users started reporting issues with their PlayStation 4 after applying this update.

After a long silence, Sony has confirmed that they are looking into the issues faced by the users and will make an announcement soon. PlayStation Social Media Manager, Sid Shuman, confirmed in the comments on the official PlayStation blog that they are looking into the issues caused by 2.0 firmware update.

As for PS4 2.00, we’re looking into the issues that some folks are having and will share any new updates with you ASAP.

The Official PlayStation account also acknowledged these issues and assured that they are working to resolve it soon.

We’re aware of issues happening post PS4 2.00 firmware, including some freezes and boot errors. Working to resolve ASAP, will update soon.


In other news, Sony were awfully silent regarding their November PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, which was leaked through an official video (later made private). Sony did confirm 3 of the games in an email sent to its users, which contained the news of the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Hungry Horde and Frozen Synpase Prime coming to the PS+ IGC. It strangely lacked the rest of the games including Luftrausers, Escape Plan and Steamworld Dig. Sid Shuman confirmed that the official announcement is due soon, although he didn’t give any update on the status of DriveClub PS+ edition.

PS Plus details are coming soon – stay tuned.

No update to share yet on Driveclub PS Plus Edition timing, unfortunately. We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we have new info.

Are you one of the user who is affected with 2.0 firmware update? Let us know in the comments below.

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