Sony Announces PlayStation Tournaments In Collaboration With ESL

In a brand new post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has just announced a brand new upcoming feature for the PlayStation 4. These are PlayStation Tournaments, and as expected they will allow PS4 users to compete in Tournaments with other players.

This feature is made in collaboration with the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and, once it is live, will be available under “Events” on your PS4 system menu. One you have signed up to participate in any given tournament, your console will automatically prompt you when the time for the match is nearing.


Celebrating the beginning of the NBA season, the first Major Tournament will be held for NBA 2K17 from 27th October to 26th November. Major Cup rounds will also be held every Saturday during this time.

All that’s needed to participate in Tournaments is a copy of the game the Tournament is being held for, a PlayStation Plus membership and an ESL account linked to your PSN Account. So if you want to take part in the upcoming NBA 2K17 Tournament, you’ll need a copy of the game.

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In the beginning, Tournaments will only support 1v1 matches, but Sony will continue to improve upon the feature as time goes on.

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