Sony boost internal estimates of Playstation 4 sales

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony have raised their projections for the Playstation 4 sales after higher than anticipated interest in the console.

This news comes after stores like Amazon have sold out of day-one preorders in America. As of yet the Xbox One is still quite easy to preorder for a day one launch so I would have to argue that consumers are finally voting with their wallets and voting sensibly at that.

PS4 Console

No numbers have been given on the internal projections, but I would argue that if the feedback from preorders are already, after less than forty-eight hours, causing them to raise their estimations then things are looking very good for Sony at the start of this console generation. There is still time to go until November, the projected launch date of both consoles. I personally imagine Microsoft will have to back away from their current positions either before launch if their egos will let them. If not, there will be a certain change in direction within the year.

As for now, I have already placed my preorder of the PS4. I did so as soon as Sony revealed what was possibly the best news I could have ever hoped they would have. Jack Tretton walking out to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is possibly the most fitting bit of contextual music I have ever heard. Welcome to the new age indeed.

Thanks: Wall Street Journal

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