Sony CEO claims next-gen Playstation is ‘necessary’, will not be a major departure from PS4

Kenichiro Yoshida CEO recently claimed in an interview that next-gen Playstation hardware, most likely the named Playstation 5, is “necessary”.

Yoshida stated in an interview with FinancialTimes that “at this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,”, he also declined to formally confirm the PS5 name for the upcoming console.

The article states that even though there have been industry rumors that suggest the next Playstation to be similar to a tablet ala the Nintendo Switch, that would connect to other devices, probably making use of PS Now somehow, people within the games publishing industry think the PS5 will not be a major “departure” from the PS4, with the fundamental architecture being “similar”.

eSports is also said to be a focus for Sony with the next Playstation. Sony is stated to want to ensure that their upcoming machine is capable and powerful enough to host “top level” eSports events.

Rumors of the PS5 have been rampant in the past few weeks with new patents of Backward Compatibility and V-Sync like support coming to Sony’s next-gen console.

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