Sony Comments On Vita Sales Performance, Calls It A Vital Platform In Japan And Asia

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden was recently interview by Forbes and he shared some interesting comments on the performance of Vita and its future.

Shawn Layden was asked about the sales performance of Vita in North America and he seemed to be satisfied with the sales that the Vita was getting in North America, going on to add that they were surprised to see that the Vita was supply constrained last year.

“Yeah. In fact, we sold more than we had internally targeted last year. We saw some issues in the market last year with supply constraint, which was kind of a surprise.”

“I still believe it’s the best hand held gaming experience as far as what it brings you from technology and screen resolution. PlayStation Now, our streaming gaming service, is supported by Vita, so that’s bringing new users. And the fact that Vita got to support remote play for PS4, that caused a huge spike in sales, which we’re still kind of chasing, ” concluded Layden.


In term of the E3 presence for Vita, which was almost non-existent, Layden was quite clear that the Vita is still a vital platform for them especially in the Asian and Japanese market.

“I think there’s 100 games coming out this year across the Vita platform. I think it’s a great platform for independent developers. They’re seeing a lot of opportunity across that. And it’s certainly a very vital and vibrant platform in the crucial Japan and Asia markets.”

Layden continued: “So, yeah, we’re still in the Vita business. We’re still using it to bring new experiences. I think the cost of entry for a developer is probably more friendly than doing a full-blown, triple-A PS4 title.”

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